Telegram continues to gain ground among Mexican Internet users

It's no coincidence. Leaks of personal information and failures in other apps have caused millions to seek a safer, faster and more private alternative to communicate.

A study reveals that 8 out of 10 users connect to the Internet in Mexico to communicate through instant messaging platforms and 95.7% of those users do so every day. This makes chats in apps such as Telegram the most popular online activity, even more popular than the use of social networks.

The report explains that social distancing measures during the pandemic forced us to conduct more activities online: from taking classes remotely or work meetings, to home entertainment and direct communication with loved ones.

Another of the factors that motivated the increase in users is the accessibility of having a smartphone, from which 95% of Mexicans connect.

By 2021 it is estimated that 89.5 million people in Mexico will be onlinewhich represents 75.7% of the population over 6 years of age.

Data theft and invasion of privacy, Internet users' concerns

Personal data theft is the main concern of Internet users in Mexicoaccording to the results of the study by the Asociación de Internet MX and The CIU. 7 out of 10 people are concerned about this practice.


The second risk factor is receiving viruses to their device, a concern of 37.8% of respondents. While 29.1% fear being victims of online privacy invasions.

Telegram has stood out from other messaging apps for having a more secure platform that allows the user's privacy to be protected. Among its security features, the app offers unique secret chats for each connected device, self-destruction of messages, photos and videos and locking with an additional access code. It also allows users to hide their phone number and use only one username.

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