What is SEM + SEO: Creation of digital content combined with campaigns

Ranking among the first results of a Google search is a powerful business generator. Positioning-oriented content, combined with campaigns, provides short and long term benefits. SEM + SEO is the creation of digital content combined with campaigns, with a view to obtaining organic positioning in the medium and long term.

It all starts with content

Content creation is the first step in the digital marketing. By content we mean texts, articles, images, videos and audios that offer information or entertainment, and fulfill specific objectives of attracting web traffic. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) oriented content generation aims to create messages and visual pieces designed for certain keywords.

The creation of digital content takes place within the framework of a marketing strategy. This process starts with a keyword study (keywords). Ideally, a call-to-action (CTA) design is also defined, that is, appeals to the audience to perform certain actions: fill out a contact form, inquire about a product or service, or make a purchase.

Creating content has a process that we must take into account so that the investment of time and resources is not wasted. Creating SEO-oriented content requires a first-order decision: defining the appropriate types of content.

Types of digital content and their role in digital marketing

Digital content can be classified in many ways. In principle, the classification is by format: text, images, audio and video. From each of these four formats other more specific types of digital content are generated. The following is a list of the most popular contents:

Blog articles

Writing articles for a blog section is an essential task in the organic positioning of a company. webpage. The posts serve to provide useful information to potential customers. They also allow you to work on the keywords where the site is trying to be positioned. At the same time, it provides search engines with fresh and updated content that indicates that the site is active.


Articles are usually sent to the subscriber base who wish to receive updates on products or services. Ad hoc newsletters can also be created for seasonal offers or launches. Regularly sent newsletters help keep in touch with potential buyers who have not yet progressed to a new product or service. purchase tunnel. They help to keep brand recall fresh, and are a fundamental element of the so-called "branding". inbound marketing.

Books / e-Books

The electronic book or e-book is usually a compendium of knowledge and/or specialized information. It is marketed or sent free of charge in exchange for the entry of data that allow us to have a better knowledge of our market. It is especially indicated for professionals and companies that sell new products or services, or that receive inquiries from specialized consumers.


Video content allows to transmit information in an agile and entertaining way. It is the favorite medium of the new generations. Video also allows content to be positioned on YouTube, whose results usually integrate the first organic positions of Google searches. It is also feasible to be used in social networks, or to be distributed through WhatsApp, Telegram or other instant messaging platforms.


The production of original visual pieces is an important part of digital content. Resorting to free or paid catalogs is an option in emergencies. But Google LOVES original content, and the use of catalog photos is not ideal for cultivating a good ranking. A photo session with the company's staff, real panoramas of the place and work processes, or graphic productions worked with Photoshop, are elements that add quality.


Infographics are highly valued for their ability to condense a wealth of information. They convey meaning, metrics, stages or objectives. They are also a brand emblem. An infographic also demonstrates the use of graphic tools and excellence in analysis.


Articles, editorials, commentaries or reports in audio format have become popular under the name of podcasts. They are the cornerstones of effective communication, especially between personalities and influencers and its young audience. A podcast is usually an episodic series that a user can download to a device or listen to online.

creación de contenidos digitales, podcasts, videos, artículos de blog
Podcasts, videos and blog articles are central elements of digital content creation.

Common phrase: In digital marketing, content is king.

How to create quality digital content

Within a marketing strategy there are different factors to consider for digital content to achieve its objective.

The importance of orienting the contents to keywords

To begin with, analyze your keywords. It is necessary to find a point between what the client wants to communicate and what the buyers person are looking for. In this process, we need to perform a search for keywords (keyword research) that will help us out of the doubts about which ones to target. The search volume of each set of keywords also allows us to collect concrete data on the purchasing interests of potential customers. We often get surprises about Internet search habits, which lead to very valuable clues in terms of what the market is looking for.

Select the keywords that are related to your product or service and attract the right traffic to your website.

Monitoring of interactions with digital content

Tracking the impact of publications is important in order to permanently improve the editorial strategy of your digital content. This evaluation will help you define what type of content you should create, based on the media available and the audience of your target market.

A content creator analyzes and measures the impact of the message in all media, social networks and channels where your brand has a presence. They analyze the interactions generated, the questions from readers, and above all, the leads (sales leads) generated by each publication. This will help you in the planning of each subsequent stage, reinforcing and improving those contents that were not profitable.

The monitoring of reactions also makes it possible to create a publication calendar, define the times and seasons when the dissemination of certain topics is most popular with the public.

The content for a company or brand must have multiple applications

Generating original content is an arduous task, which demands an intense provision of data from the advertiser to the digital marketing agency, or the content creation team. Therefore, ideally, we should aim to design pieces that can be used for several useful purposes. Content is the daily food of communication between the project and the public: the basic software of the relationship between the website and the people.

Digital content (text, audio, video) can be used, with the necessary changes, for social media posts, blog articles, newsletter mailings, paid social media promotions, or even to respond to frequent public inquiries.

A dual performance strategy: content + traffic

What is the REAL benefit of a joint content generation and paid campaign initiative?

The appearance among the first results of a Google search is a powerful business generator, since the buyer- person who is looking for a particular product or service already has a high degree of purchase intent.

Many businesses around the world have their portal on the web. But only a small percentage of them dedicate time and resources to turn it into a well-positioned asset, generating new customers.

A website without digital marketing work does not generate traffic, and it is not found by users who are looking for your products and services. There are millions of pages on the Internet, new ones are created every moment, and getting to a prominent place in Google is hard work.

What factors influence the positioning of a site?

Google analyzes many factors when positioning a page among the first results, among them:

- Loading speed, content quality, adequate site structure: Search engines assume that a website worthy of being well positioned has all these issues well resolved.

- Domain authority: The official website of a state or a large corporation does not have the same relevance as a personal blog.

- Amount of traffic: Google, with good judgment, presumes that a website with a lot of traffic, used by many users, has a higher relevance than others that have no visitors.

How can you address all these issues at once, and turn a newly created website into a source of revenue and new customers?

Content generation + paid campaigns: a double win technique

Office Web uses a 4-step recipe: a double-win technique that works in the short term, while at the same time nurturing our chances in the long term.

1. Site optimization

We start by technically optimizing the page in speed, structure and other parameters. This is the first step of a successful project.

2. Study of keywords

At the same time, we studied the keywords that can be used by each potential customer. All combinations are studied to create ads and contents that boost traffic.

3. Paid campaigns on Google

With this data, we organize paid campaigns on Google for our customers. keywords. The search engine charges for each click on figures placed at the top of the searches for certain keywords. Example:

campañas de pago en Google, creación de contenidos digitales
Paid campaigns on Google give us immediate access to the first search results.

How much do we invest in this campaign? The previous research tells us how much budget we need to be in the first positions in all these searches. This investment will give us two benefits: on the one hand, inquiries from potential buyers, who become leads business generatorson the other hand, real traffic that will position our site.

4. SEO-oriented content generation

Finally, we create search engine optimized content, targeting those keywords. With this content, which will be indexed quickly in Google due to the traffic generated by the campaign, we are positioning the page to climb gradually to the top of the rankings in a way organic. In other words, in the future there may be no need to pay for campaigns.


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